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Karibu MYDO Zanzibar

Mikunguni Youth Development Organization (MYDO) is a social, voluntary, nonpartisan and independent organization. MYDO was established in 2002 and official registered in 2003 under the Society Act NO.6 of 1995, laws of Zanzibar. MYDO office is located at Kwaalimsha Street, 2 miles from Zanzibar Town – Tanzania, East Africa.

MYDO is a unique centre for providing information and technical support to individuals Youth to access Youth Development  Opportunities including Education, training, conferences, Jobs, Volunteerism and Internships placements. So that young people can be empowered and bring a full contribution to society and National development.

So Join with us to Volunteer  and provide any support for the betterment of Youth In Zanzibar!

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Youth Empowerment

MYDO has excellent program to prepare Youth to become Jobs creators and link them with labour markets

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Lobbying and Advocacy

MYDO is committed to work for and with Youth to bring the changes to the society about Youth welfare through providing...

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MYDO is working directly with local Community in Zanzibar Islands, and provides exceptional and ...

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Awareness Creation

MYDO provides accurate and reliable information and create awareness on various issues affecting Youth life ...

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Mydo Zanzibar - Specific Objectives

• To encourage youth participation in solving economic, social, cultural, educational and other humanitarian problems.
• To provide civic education and encourage respect for democracy, human rights and gender equality.
• To combat against HIV/AIDS/STDS, Drug abuse, cholera, malaria and other matters that may arise from time to time.
• To promote partnership with other youth in and outside Zanzibar.
• To organize youth so that they can engage themselves in income generation activities and environmental protection regardless of gender.
• To support vulnerable young people to acquire basic needs to the community.
• To do such things as may be conducive to the attainment of all or any of the foregoing objectives.